CAMERICH Creates Luxury Customer Experience for BMW 5S Dealership

BEIJING – Beijing Xingdebao BMW 5S Dealership opened in Chaoyang District, Beijing, yesterday. CAMERICH, the top furniture brand in China, was appointed as the furniture supplier of the dealership to help provide BMW customers with more diverse, caring and comfortable experience. 

In order to maintain a consistent architectural style, Xingdebao appointed Pei Partnership Architects for the overall design of the 5S dealership. Pei Partnership Architects is known for its unique designs including the pyramid entrance of the Louvre Museum in Paris. After careful comparison and consideration, it finally selected CAMERICH as the furniture supplier. 

“It proved to be a correct choice,” said Mr. Mei Guoxi, Vice President of Beijing Xingdebao Automobile Sale and Service Co. Ltd. (Beijing Xingdebao), “The brand identity and underlying ideas of CAMERICH echo ours. That’s a perfect combination.”

Shared Commitment on Sustainability

CAMERICH was not selected by luck.

Compared with traditional 4S dealerships, Beijing Xingdebao was the first in the world to introduce the 5S concept by incorporating an additional S, Sustainability, in every aspect from design to engineering and decoration. 

“With regard to furniture, we wanted it to be both environment-friendly and able to sustain the test of time,” said Mr. Mei Guoxi. 

CAMERICHs business philosophy proved to be a perfect match for both requirements. While Xingdebao is introducing the concept of sustainability and environment-friendliness into the car dealership sector, CAMERICH is leading the movement for making environmental protection a part of our everyday life.

Over the years, CAMERICH has been trying various new, environment-friendly materials, and increasing their appeal with unique designs. “By turning environmental concern into everyday fashion, we are able to receive more attention and be accepted by more people,” said Ms. Shirley Wang, CAMERICH Brand Operating Director, “We are honored to team up with Beijing Xingdebao to provide customers with the experience of how environmental protection can change and improve our life, so that they would be willing to join the environmental protection movement.”

In addition to being useful and durable, every CAMERICH product has everlasting vigor thank to its unique design. “Eventually, the best things will survive the time, as they are designed to be classic,” said Shirley Wang, “It's CAMERICH’s interpretation of sustainable development.” 

The Low-Profile Design for a Top Brand

In spite of BMW's world-renowned brand name, Beijing Xingdebao 5S Dealership did not adopt lofty decoration. Instead, everything has a low profile, but looks very elegant at the same time. 

The lobby on the second floor features a simple, modern design with the key tones of black, white and gray. It not only highlights the clean industrial design identity of BMW, but also creates a highly amiable atmosphere. Like the home of a wise, reliable old friend, it allows customers to enjoy full relaxation, pleasure, security and comfort. 

CAMERICH sofas and coffee tables are arranged exquisitely into separate spaces, segmenting the lobby into a number of inter-connected functional zones with clear boundaries. While maintaining the integrity of the place, it creates changes with a simple, rhythmic and multi-tier design.

“CAMERICH’s simple, modern design combines fashion with art. With pure colors and exquisite craftsmanship, these products interpret a low-profile, high-quality lifestyle that fit perfectly with the elegant, dignified brand identity of BMW,” said Mr. Mei Guoxi, “Particularly, CAMRICH’s understanding and design of specific details might seem unnoticeable, but will deliver the experience of comfort and pleasure. The subtle feeling not only shows respect to the customers, but also highlights and extends Beijing Xingdebao’s commitment to sustainability.”