CAMERICH Decorates Librije’s, a Boutique Hotel in the Netherlands

In addition to tulips and windmills, the beautiful Dutch city of Zwolle is also known for a boutique hotel – Librije’s Hotel. Visitors may enjoy Michelin star-rated food and get hands-on experience of cuisine and wine classes here while admiring the elegance and history of the small city. For those from China, there is an additional special attachment, which arises from the oriental identity of the furniture in the grand lobby. Yes, it's from CAMERICH, China's top furniture brand.

“The story of CAMERICH and Librije’s Hotel started last autumn,” said Rene Lievers, a CAMERICH dealer in the Netherlands. “The owners of the hotel, Jonnie and Thérèse Boer, were looking for modern, simple, high-end furniture with a unique cultural identity for the grand lobby. They turned to us and were deeply impressed by CAMERICH’s quality and commitment to excellence in every aspect, and, above all, the oriental soul of our products. It was not long before we officially launched our partnership.” 

Sitting in the elegantly renovated 18th century building, Librije’s Hotel is a member of the Relais & Chateaux group. Its founders' unyielding commitment to quality has helped its restaurant earn the Michelin 2-star rating and turned out to be a time-proven differentiator. As professional players in the hotel industry, the Boers selected CAMERICH not only because of their confidence in the products, but also as recognition of the business philosophy and premium service of the brand.

"CAMERICH's quest for the overseas market is one marked with the internationalization of our brand. Instead of shortcuts, we rely on our product quality and commitment to excellent service in every aspect throughout the process," said Ms. Shirley Wang, Brand Operating Director of CAMERICH. "Today, we have established a global marketing network but none of our achievements would be possible without an intensive business model, continued improvements to our management systems, or our inherent drive for brand building and refining."

In addition to improvements to inherent quality, CAMERICH has been focusing on customer experience in its overseas marketing. In a new market, you will have to build your brand and reputation by ensuring satisfactory service for every customer, who will be an integral link in the word-of-mouth communication process. As a renowned high-end hotel in the Netherlands, Librije’s Hotel is the choice of guests from around the world who have a particular taste for life quality. 

CAMERICH's products placed in the grand lobby provide guests with comfortable experience, while showcasing its brand image. In March 2013, a German guest, Wilco Schwitters, was so impressed by CAMERICH products that he asked the Boers for more information before he checked out. After further communication and exploration, Wilco eventually became an authorized CAMERICH dealer and is planning to open his CAMERICH store in Hamburg, Germany, later this year.

A typical episode of CAMERICH's quest in the international market, this story is largely a coincidence. However, given the overall market environment, it is inevitable too. With unyielding commitment to excellence in terms of both product and service quality, CAMERICH has won the approval of its customers who are bringing more customers through the word-of-mouth approach. The driving force of this all, and CAMERICH's brand philosophy "ensure maximum care for every aspect of life" has now become an integral part of CAMERICH's identity.

Brand building is by no means easy. Yet, a strong brand can help shape a unique identity and value, and is therefore an inevitable path for every time-proven business. CAMERICH has selected and held onto this path and is now starting to reap the rewards. CAMERICH's care for every product and every customer starts out as a collection of tiny twinkles, which will eventually join together to build a galaxy of bright stars. It is the wish of CAMERICH to join other out-going Chinese brands to shine in Zwolle, in Hamburg, and in every corner of the world!