Mild Gray Tone Highlights Elegance and Avant-garde Design

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.  
– British writer Arthur C. Clarke 



Taking "Refuse Routine" as the philosophy of life today, the new generation constantly explores the new values and connotation of things. Adhering to this innovative thinking, China’s top furniture brand CAMERICH joins hands with interior design agency AD Architecture to create the Gray Box residential project, with the minimalist approach, to break people's stereotype of the gray color and highlight its elegant quality and avant-garde design in the living space.


Different from the addition type of decoration, the project sketches out a home with artistic style. Echoing the "Less is more" design concept of CAMERICH, the overall color and structure are concise but not monotonous, highlighting a high-end, stylish quality.


Taking into account the harmony of the overall tone and form, a touch of orange is dotted among the colors of gray, black and white, revealing a sense of vitality in the peaceful design. The combination of solid ceramic tiles, glass and soft leather sofas, lounge chairs shows the balance of hardness and softness. It’s also the perfect balance between warmth and cold, more and less. Everything is just right. The Gray Box manifests gentle calm, deep elegance and moderate grandeur.


The gray toned space calms down the restless mind, and also reflects the Danshari philosophy as well as minimalist aesthetic concept.


Reduce the intricate and flashy elements, while adding comfort and elegance to life. The mild gray color, with clean lines and surfaces, creates the most authentic way of living.